Infortrend Unveils EonStor DS 3000 4U 60-Bay RAIDs

Infortrend Tech. Inc. announced the launch of EonStor DS 3060 products that deliver high density storage across 60 bays in 4U.

3060R 4U 60-bay

These systems are the largest in the series in terms of size and capacity, and are aimed at enterprises that require consolidated RAID that provides high density, performance, HA, and ease of use. They can be scaled to 1,440TB/960 drives via enclosures. Single controller and dual redundant controller models are available, the latter offering fast failover to ensure high data availability. They are offered in optional high performance versions capable of 1.3M IO/s read speeds and faster execution of operations such as volume rebuild compared to previous DS generations.

They provide customers with a fusion of hardware and data services such as smart media scanning and recovery to protect data integrity, supported by status messages. The modular and cable-free design of controllers, power supplies, and cooling modules leads to simple installs and upgrades, as well as continuous productivity thanks to hot-swap operation that minimizes downtime and work disruption. Drives insert and remove easily due to their vertical alignment, employing HDD brackets rather than more complicated trays. The products offer enterprises a spectrum of benefits while retaining competitive price segmentation.

-  EonStor DS 3060R 4U 60-bay (dual redundant controller)

-  EonStor DS 3060G 40 60-bay (single controller)

-  EonStor DS 3048R4U 48-bay (dual redundant controller)

-  EonStor DS 3048G 4U 48-bay (single controller)

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