Intel RAID Web Console 2

The Intel RAID Web Console 2 is a storage management tool that allows administrators to optimize storage application performance and data protection.

Thi tool makes it easy to deploy system storage functions like creating and managing virtual drives, adding a drive to a RAID virtual drive and on the fly RAID migration.

The new solutions Brief provides specifics including key features and benefits, graphical interface feature highlights and more. It details how the RAID Web Console 2 empowers administrators through simple management tools.

The Dashboard View makes it simple to check hardware status, storage utilization and health, RAID-5/6 enabling and advanced software feature enabling and much more.

The RAID Web Console 2 Solutions Brief is part of the new Intel RAID website that provides up-to-date information regarding Intel RAID solutions. It features resources for next-generation storage demands including Intel RAID SSD Cache, Intel RAID HA and the new Intel RAID RS3 product family.

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