Z-EndOfLife X3 ipSAN Mount Jefferson

Posted by moonworks on Wed, 17/10/2012 - 12:26 in Intel, NAS
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SKU: Z-EndOfLife X3 ipSAN Mount Jefferson
This product is not RoHS compliant and is only available for expansion and replacement of existing installations. Please contact us.
Infinitely scalable capacity and performance in a fully redundant yet affordable solution

Who wouldn’t like virtualization, clustering, remote copy, snap-shot and disaster recovery in a fully redundant, infinitely scalable yet affordable storage system?

X3 ipSAN changes the total cost of ownership (TCO) equation, finally making storage area networks affordable.
Powered by Intel building blocks based on open architectures, industry-standard technologies like iSCSI & FibreChannel and new generation management tools,
X3 ipSANs dramatically lower the cost of SAN solutions.

X3 ipSAN is an infinitely scalable intelligent, clustered Storage Area Network (SAN) solution designed to be easily deployed today with built-in headroom for tomorrow's growth.
Intelligent storage virtualization automates previously manual tasks, providing unprecedented simplicity in scaling both performance and capacity.
This enables easy provisioning of additional capacity and performance on a modular "pay as you grow" basis.
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demo of the ease of use of the management software :
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