JMR Electronics NAB 2015 Highlights

JMR's New Lightning Quad Tower Wins Two Awards!
Bob Zelin's Blog and Walter Biscardi's WallyCam captures the moment

In case you missed it, JMR's newly developed Lightning Quad Tower won two prestigious awards at NAB this year: Broadcast Beat Magazine's Innovation Award and Digital Video Magazine's 2015 Best of Show.

One of the biggest advocates for the cool tech was CreativeCow blogger Bob Zelin who wrote in his post NAB blog, "JMR's DRAMATIC REINVENTION...has reinvented themselves this year, and showed dramatic new products that made everyone go WOW. The JMR Lighting Quad Tower looks like an old school Mac Pro, but inside is the entire new cylinder Mac Pro. In this chassis is a DUAL BUS 4 slot PCIe expansion chassis. Let me be clear – there are three Thunderbolt chip sets on a new Mac Pro, but when you use one to go to an expansion chassis for PCIe cards, they all share just one Thunderbolt chip. But JMR has split this so you can have two different Thunderbolt chips go to the two busses in the JMR PCIe expanders (2 cards per Thunderbolt bus). AND they have an INTERNAL 8 drive SSD drive bay built right into this chassis. AND you can take of the handles so you can rack mount this entire unit, for a studio rack, or mobile rack cart that a DIT would use in the field." 
Then Bob pulls another industry luminary, Walter Biscardi over to see the Quad Tower. "Bob Zelin literally grabbed me from the aisles and pulled me to look at the new JMR chassis that takes a Mac Pro and turns it into a fully functional desktop computer with PCI slots and an 8bay RAID built in. What the trashcan Mac Pro should have been for pros." – Walter Biscardi
Walter's WallyCam video captures the moment and the look on Bob's face and his comment are priceless.  Bob and Walter, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.
Bob Zelin's NAB 2015 Zelinized Blog


JMR's New Ultra-Compact, Bus-Powered, High Performance PCIe SSD Storage Flash Drive with Thunderbolt 2 Interface 
The portable bus-powered PCIe Flash Drive requiring no external power source (512GB shown; 1TB available Q3) is the ideal, portable and ultra light-weight storage complement for creative professionals, digital imaging technicians and cinematographers needing a high performance shuttle drive capable of easily recording and playing back HD, 2K and 4K video content for in-house and offsite workflows — from viewing and editing digital dailies, to being used as a scratch disk or ruggedized transport medium.
The PCIe based Thunderbolt 2 equipped drive easily connects to a compatible Mac® or Windows® computer with a Thunderbolt interface, or at the end of a Thunderbolt device daisy chain, via its attached Thunderbolt cable. JMR's PCIe Flash Drive is coupled with a 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 interface that provides sustained file transfer speeds of over 1,000 MB/s. The unit incorporates a PCIe Generation 3 flash controller, enabling it to easily outperform 6Gb/s SATA SSDs and USB 3.0 flash drives. The flash drive is also compatible with OS X 10.8.5+ (including Yosemite), Microsoft® Windows 8 and 7, and Windows Server 2012 and 2008.

To keep the size ultra-compact, the new JMR Flash Drive sports a proprietary heat sink technology integrated into the rugged aluminum enclosure to transfer heat away from the SSD, thus significantly extending its life span while offering complete silent operation.


JMR Announces NetAccelerator Appliance for File Transfer Across Networks or Around the World - Disruptive Game Changer

Our newly developed BlueStor NetAccelerator appliance will soon be ready for delivery!

The JMR NetAccelerator appliance is a high speed enterprise class data mover that allows users to easily transfer files across networks, whether locally, across the nation or around the world at near line speed. The system includes a 2U appliance running CentOS and the NetAccelerator application, which uses TCP/IP for orderly accelerated transactions. The appliance provides dual GbE and dual 10GbE networking ports and the system includes a custom, easy-to-use GUI compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

A typical deployment would consist of two NetAccelerator units. A user would go to the simple user interface on one of the units, and select the file or folder to transfer. The user has to enter the IP address or name of the other JMR unit. The hybrid software and hardware solution will analyze and configure the transfer to account for latencies and different file types, sizes, and quantity. Simply pressing the transfer button starts the transfer, while real-time transfer status and progress bar are provided to the user.

Typical transfers across a 10GbE fiber optic link is in excess of 925MB/s across a 300 ms latency transfer and approximately 1.1 GB/s with lower latencies. JMR has tested file transfers with both large and small files inclusive of media files, such as DPX, large contiguous mezzanine files, and metadata files that typically choke even the highest bandwidth connections.

The NetAccelerator appliance will set a new industry milestone in delivering unparalleled performance and convenience for the broadcast, video and digital film/cinema centric industries where tens of Gigabytes to Terabyte-sized files are constantly being transferred across the country and around the world. The cost savings in the reduction of transfer time per file for a given bandwidth, and the resultant benefit of being able to send more files in the same timeframe is a significant performance achievement. To help facilitate ease-of-transfer convenience, the system also incorporates a web-based directory/folder directory which allows any authorized users to upload and download files with a simple browser plug-in.

Bob Zelin was so intrigued with the system, he blogged, "But the product that I was most excited about, and most confused about, was the JMR Data Mover. The Data Mover is a 2 rack unit box that you plug into your computer or storage system. JMR claims (and believe me, I will be trying this out) that if you have a 10G data pipe between 2 points (2 buildings, or 2 states) that they can transfer 1 TB of DATA across this pipe in 10 minutes. I dragged Disney and Universal over to see this, and they said that they could not believe it, but they wanted a demo ASAP. 

If this works, every TV station or company with multiple locations will race to use this product. It would eliminate the need for cloud sites for many companies, and allow super-fast data transfer between 2 locations, just using normal TCP/IP communications. At $15,000 per box, this unit would pay for itself in FedEx fees or Aspera/Signiant licenses in less than one year, and make workflow a breeze between two locations. When I see it in action in real life, I will believe it, so JMR, you better get me my demo unit!"
VIP Productions uses JMR Server powered by euroNAS OS
Our BlueStor Networked Server powered by euroNAS OS has been taking the industry by storm. It was last year's Digital Video Magazine's Best of Show, and its impressive list of customers is growing.
Here's what one recent customer, VIP Productions had to say about it.
"My name is Harold Erkins, co-founder of a videography company called V.I.P. Productions in Woodland Hills, CA. Our company produces all kinds of events, commercials, and music videos for clients.

Ever since the beginning of our company, the clutter of scores of hard drives have been a nightmare. We¹ve had hard drives die without warning and even though we back up all our footage many times, a lot of work has been lost. Keeping all these hard drives organized between 5-6 different editors is almost impossible, let alone to find a project from years ago. It was also one of our biggest expenses making runs to buy new hard drives every time the last one filled up. After evaluating other solutions which would help us improve our workflow, we selected the BlueStor Networked Storage Server system from JMR Electronics in Chatsworth, CA. They stepped in to offer a high performance, shared storage, and cost affordable solution to our multi-user dilemma. 
Their solution, powered by euroNAS OS, allows our team to simultaneously access their server in real time to perform the editing and finishing tasks that was impossible previously. 
Now all of our projects are kept in one location that is RAID protected, backed up continuously, and fully functional for every computer without lag. We never have to worry about keeping hundreds of different hard drives in the office secure. We put them in storage now and our new server is kept safely locked in the back of the office; with the added benefit of permissions for different users we can choose who can add or delete content. Instead of using a look up table to dig through hard drives to find a project, everything is organized by day, month and year in a common location. The JMR BlueStor server is priced substantially below other enterprise-class offerings, is available in storage capacities up to 96TB in a single 3U shelf, and can scale to 672TB with a single head unit, and does not require metadata controllers. The software license provided from the start allow can allow unlimited storage capacity without need for license upgrades, and an unlimited number of clients. JMR's storage offering also comes with a 7 year labor and parts warranty ­ the longest in the industry. We¹ve had the system running continuously for many months now and nothing has failed or slowed down. We are so glad we found out about JMR and their BlueStor Networked Server!"
Even better, they used the JMR BlueStor Networked Server to make this video....check it out!
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