JMR Offers 7 Year Storage Warranty

JMR's BlueStor™ Networked Storage Server is the perfect multi-user file server compliment for SoHo, professional and enterprise users where horsepower, ease-of -management, collaborative sharing and uptime are critical. The applications are limitless – anything that can run over a network is accepted, stored and shared by the powerful 3U BlueStor Networked Storage Server.  

If you're storing your data in the cloud, it's also the best backup system that you can have now to keep your critical data in-house and intact.   

Multiple users can access the server simultaneously via Ethernet and a switch for real-time collaborative work. What's more, it's equally at home in any AV production/post production application; being a news or mail server; streaming server; online/nearline storage, and data backup and recovery, to name a few. The system is also expandable to Petabytes of storage capacity with a single head unit.

For active-active failover cluster applications where data availability and integrity are key, two BlueStor servers can be connected using the integrated euroNAS HA Cluster software to provide critical shared-data on a network, as well as system and data drives for physical and virtual production servers and critical workstations.

Best of all, the BlueStor Networked Storage Server is priced at up to five times less than other competing systems, and it’s available in 16, 32, 48, 64 and 96TB of native data capacities in a single 3U shelf, can scale to 672TB with a single head unit, and doesn't require metadata controllers. The software license provided from the start allows for unlimited storage capacity and an unlimited number of clients without the need for license upgrades. This combined with a 7 year parts and labor warranty is an incredible deal!  Call us to learn more.

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