BlueStor DigiLab High Performance Video Server

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JMR BlueStor DigiLab High Performance Video Server for RED 4K

The new JMR BlueStor DigiLab High Performance Video Server is a flexible open platform storage system that delivers unprecedented on-set digital image processing, monitoring and control functionality for the most demanding digital video workflows whether on set or in a post facility.

Aimed at supporting complex workflow operations including RED 4K, The DigiLabs processing power easily accommodates most high-end colour monitoring, digital finishing and video editing applications available for PC platforms. Integrated with tools like REDCINE-XTM and Scratch, DP's can now shoot in the field and directly transcode their REDCODE RAW data footage from the RED ONE camera using REDCINE into RGB video; and also perform basic "One Light" colour correction shot framing or editing. JMR's integration of industry-leading BlueStor RAID technology, also guarantees that every DigiLab is an easily scalable solution.

Enclosed is the datasheet on this powerful new tool.

The product can be viewed at the JMR booth at NAB 2010 booth # SL7408. Please stop by and see us, or even better make a personal appointment to see the unit in action.

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