StorageLibrary T40

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SKU: StorageLibrary T40
Drive Technology: 420LTO (LTO2-HH) or 840LTO (LTO3-FH)
Number of Drives: 1-2 Full-Height / 1-4 Half-Height
Number of Cartridges: 24 upgradeable to 40
Capacity (native): 16,000 (40 Slots, LTO3) / 8,000 (40 Slots, LTO2) GB
Capacity (compressed): 32,000 (40 Slots, LTO3) / 16,000 (40 Slots, LTO2) GB

Enabling Enterprise Rich, Attractively Priced, Libraries-for-All

The Tandberg StorageLibrary T40 is the most competitively positioned midrange tape library in the market, combining high capacity (up to 32TB*) and performance into a small 4U rack optimized solution, supporting both SCSI and FC connectivity.

Flexible Management backed by Enterprise Management Features

The StorageLibrary T40 was created with flexibility in mind – flexibility over media with easy cartridge management; flexibility over operations via in-built partitioning that enables it to work as one to four separate autoloaders; plus flexibility to combine Half Height and Full Height drives according to requirements. Capacity on Demand increases the versatility of this library still further, allowing users to easily increase usable capacity as their data grows. When it comes to enterprise management, the StorageLibrary T40 has a user-friendly interface for system setup, control and monitoring. It comes with an integrated barcode reader, remote management features, Export/Import slot, Customer Replaceable Units, drive hot swapping; notification via SNMP support/tape alert/email notification; audible alarm and real time clock functions as standard.

Future Needs Uncertain?

The StorageLibrary T40 was developed with versatility in mind, allowing a flexible upgrade path. Whether you are changing to next generation drive types or integrating into a SAN, the StorageLibrary T40 has all of the features to upgrade with your existing and future infrastructure.
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