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Key Features and Benefits

* High Performance half-height drive that offers the same performance and reliability as competitors’ full-height LTO-4 tape drives
* Compressed capacity up to 1600GB*
* Compressed performance up to 864GB/hour*
* AES 256-Bit Data Encryption Security Feature
* Certified “Backup Ready” Solutions


Quantum's LTO-4 HH tape drive is a half-height tape drive that offers the same performance and reliability as competitors’ full-height LTO-4 tape drives. At the same time, Quantum’s LTO-4 HH is the smart choice for those looking to reduce power consumption and cooling costs in the data center because it uses up to 46% less power when idle than the competition and up to 26% less power in stand-by mode . In addition, it uses less power when reading and writing than LTO-3, while being 50% faster. The drive has a native transfer rate of 120 MB/sec and native capacity of up to 800GB. Its simple space saving half-height form factor uses the latest industry standard interface -- Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)-- to allow for easy installation and integration into your datacenter, while providing the same performance as competitors’ full-height LTO-4 drives. Quantum’s LTO-4 HH tape drives also protect your investment by providing backward read and write compatibility with LTO-3 media and backward read compatibility with LTO-2 media. And with Quantum’s LTO-4 HH drives, security is now at its highest level as drives feature AES 256-bit data encryption. Encryption on LTO-4HH tape drives is hardware based, allowing for the highest level of security without any loss of performance during the encryption process. In addition, LTO-4 HH is WORM capable when used with LTO WORM data cartridges.
All with Quantum’s exclusive reliability features including:

SmartVerify™ virtually eliminates the need for a traditional verify pass during backup, reducing the backup window and increasing data integrity

FastSense™ monitors the speed of incoming data and matches the speed at which the drive streams data more effectively than the competitors’ LTO drives.FastSense variable speed matching for Quantum’s LTO-4 HH drive is better than competitor’s full-height or half-height drives in a number of ways:

* Matches tape drive write speed to speed of incoming data more effectively than other manufacturers LTO drives
* Faster backups, writes at optimal speed, and repositions less (shoe-shining)
* Energy and Cost Efficient versus full-height LTO-4 drives because backups complete faster with less shoe shining
* Competitive drives can waste time and power by:
o Writing at speeds that are too slow, therefore taking longer to complete a backup
o Writing too fast, depleting the buffer and causing time consuming, power hungry reposition events
* Dynamic PowerDown™ protects the tape drive and data cartridge during unexpected power loss

LTO-4 HH Product Details

Quantum “Backup Ready” certified solutions allow you to go from box-to-backup in minutes with the highly reliable Quantum LTO-4 HH tape drive, world-class Backup Exec™ QuickStart software and durable Quantum media. “Backup Ready” solutions are cost-effective, easy to install and fully-supported by Quantum. Choose the Quantum LTO-4 HH tape drive configuration that is right for your IT environment, a server-installable internal, convenient tabletop or space-efficient rackmount configuration.

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