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Database administrators, e-mail managers, and other IT implementers and developers are looking for a better way to protect and recover data from key business applications like SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Windows SharePoint Services or file shares on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Microsoft has heard from our customers and partners and delivered a complete solution with System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007.
New in SP1 :

Key advantage points in DPM 2007 SP1:
1: Unmatched Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint functionality

DPM 2007 offers integrated support for advanced Exchange and SQL cluster configurations, shorter SQL backup windows with out the need for compression, as well as advanced SharePoint data protection options.

2: Zero data loss restores for applications

DPM 2007 enables lossless recovery of Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint servers without the need for constant replication or synchronization by seamlessly integrating a point in time database restore with the existing application logs.

3: Host based Virtual Server backups

DPM 2007 includes support for host based backup of Windows Virtual Server guests. Using a single host based DPM agent to provide application consistent backups of any and all guests residing on a host. DPM can protect any operating system or application via this mechanism as long as they are running on a Windows host server.

4: Storage efficiency

Patented filter technology reduces the volume of full backups by as much as 90 percent in typical organizations, saving disk space and reducing full backup time from hours to minutes. VSS point in time snapshots further reduce the disk volume required, while Express full backup images increase number of available restore points which can be captured.

Data Protection Manager 2007 is a member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products, which are designed to help IT Professionals manage their Windows Server infrastructure. DPM 2007 sets a new standard for Windows backup and recovery—delivering continuous data protection for Microsoft application and file servers to a seamlessly integrated secondary disk and tape solution on the DPM server. DPM enables rapid and reliable recovery through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes.

Microsoft designed DPM 2007 to provide the best backup and most reliable restore for Windows Server applications.

Focused on the primary Microsoft server workloads, DPM 2007 was specifically built to protect and recover SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, as well as Windows file services. In addition, DPM 2007 blends the best aspects of continuous data protection (CDP) with traditional tape backup.

Protection and Recovery for Microsoft Applications

DPM 2007 continuously protects the core Microsoft server workloads to a DPM server or appliance, which then provides disk-based recovery and tape-based, long-term archival storage for a complete data protection and recovery solution.

Setting a New Standard for Data Protection in Windows Environments


Continuous Data Protection for Windows Application and File Servers DPM protects core Windows Server workloads by continuously capturing data changes with application-aware byte-level agents, providing an easy-to-manage and robust disk/tape back-end platform, and one-click lossless application recovery.

Rapid and Reliable Recovery DPM enables IT administrators and end-users to easily recover data in minutes from easily accessible disk instead of locating and restoring from less-reliable tapes.

Advanced Technology for Enterprises of All Sizes DPM brings together the best aspects of CDP real-time protection with traditional tape backup/restore to provide a comprehensive disk-to-disk-to-tape data recovery solution. Combined with Microsoft Windows Server technology, DPM 2007 provides a technically advanced and comprehensive data protection solution for the most demanding Windows environments—from the SMB to the Enterprise.

Maximizing Protection of Microsoft Workloads with Microsoft Backup and Recovery

DPM 2007 is designed for the application stakeholder, a SQL or Exchange Administrator, or an IT generalist, and uses wizards and workflows to help ensure that you can protect your data—without requiring an advanced degree, training, or certification in storage and backup technologies.

DPM 2007 presents the data to be protected in the same context as users access it. This empowers SQL Server administrators to select databases or Exchange managers to choose Storage Groups. SharePoint farms, Virtual Server guest machines, and Windows Server file shares are all selectable—with DPM then determining the files and components to protect.

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