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X3-WSS Windows Storage Servers are NAS appliances of virtually unlimited capacity where all clients can store their data safely.
All our X3-WSS are open for expansion and can also function as a NAS-head for new or existing storage.
The iSCSI option allows your servers to run MS Exchange or SQL from a centralised, safe and protected volume that can be safely backed-up, clustered or even replicated to another location in your own facilities or accross the world. Or your other offices can replicate their data to you...!

Intel Enclosure 5U
Intel Dual Core Xeon 2.67 GHz 1x4MB cache 1333MHz FSB
Intel SAS/SATA-300 RAID Controller 256MB Battery backup
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
6 x 250G SATA-300 Hotswap 7200rpm RaidReady HDs
DVD-CDRW Optical
Intel S5000 Dual Core Motherboard, Dual gigabit onboard
Intel Redundant HotSwap powersupply 650W
Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2
Intel 6-drive SAS/SATA backplane
1G DDR2/667 ECC Unbuffered Certified mem
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