NEW ATTO 6500 Fibre to SAS Bridge with Dual Power Supplies

ATTO is proud to announce its new 6500 Bridge (rackmount and board level) with Dual Power Supplies!

New product - Due to customer requests and market analysis we are introducing a dual power supply version of the FibreBridge 6500.  This will be referred to as the FibreBridge 6500D while the current bridge will be referred to as the 6500S (D = Dual power supplies / S = Single power supply).

New Functionality - The 6500D will have the same functionality as the current  6500S but adds a second power supply and power supply monitoring features. If a customer evals / qualifies the 6500S today, testing should carry over to the new 6500D as it uses the same bridge board.

Availability - The 6500D will be available mid-September, if you would like to evaluate ATTO's new bridge, please let us know as soon as possible to make arrangements for a unit as soon as they are available.

Author: Anonymous

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