new ATTO drivers for Celerity & Desklink 16Gb/s Gen5 and 8Gb/s FC

Please be advised ATTO has new drivers for ATTO's Celerity and Desklink 16Gb/s Gen5 and 8Gb/s Fibre Channel products, including: FC-164E, FC-162E, FC-161E, TLFC-2162, FC-84EN, FC-82EN, FC-81EN and TLFC-2082. They are available on the ATTO web driver pages.
The release includes:

-        Celerity HBAs only – Now support Linux Fedora 21 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
-        New driver & firmware enhancements across OS platforms provides improved stability and usability for both Standard and Multipath DirectorTM Drivers
-        Updates for ATTO’s Config ToolTM

Why is this important?

Driver Enhancements: 
-        This release provides important stability improvements to address some resource and timing issues. (All OS Platforms)
-        Provides improved diagnostic functionality for the ATTO ConfigTool (All OS Platforms)

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