NEW ATTO FastFrame NIC and CNA drivers for Mac and Windows

ATTO are pleased to announce the release of new ATTO FastFrame NIC and CNA drivers for Mac and Windows

What is it? (New Driver Code)

The major impetus for this release was to address performance for both OS X drivers. In some cases the improvements also addressed specific customer related incidents.

In order to fully optimize performance, we have implemented a feature known as Receive Side Coalescing (RSC). RSC significantly improves the read performance on ATTO’s Mac driver through packet aggregation. The end result of this is a reduction in per-packet processing time, allowing for significantly faster performance, while also allowing for a reduction in CPU utilization, enhancing the efficiency of our FastFrame cards.

Customer Benefit

This can be especially useful in I/O intensive database applications, database replication, and I/O intensive server workloads, and results in a general performance improvement for our Mac drivers to the point where we are very competitive against other Ethernet manufacturers.

What Should You Do

This is an opportunity to bring market awareness to ATTO and FastFrame by re-approaching prospects, customers or partners you have worked with in the past on OS X and FastFrame.

For existing customers, these drivers will provide a significant increase in read performance that will make a large impact on their applications. Please reach out to your customers to provide these drivers to ensure they continue to have the most stable and highest-performing experience with FastFrame possible.

For prospects we have lost for performance reasons, we should be re-engaging them and offering to send evals with these new drivers in order to not only open up sales opportunities but to enhance the discourse on FastFrame in the end-user market.

For Windows, the performance issues that were addressed were tied to specific customer reports. Please work with your CE to determine if your customers using those OS’s would benefit from this driver update.  

Overall Message

These are significant improvements that have been made to performance – we should be touting this as much as possible to as many Mac customers as we can. This is a market we own with every other product line – this release for FastFrame reinforces that message.

Additional Information Regarding NIC Drivers

ATTO written drivers originally branded “ATTO Hardware Optimized” are now branded as “EMC Isilon Scale Out NAS Tested” to better represent the application specific nature of these drivers and where they have been tested. Please work with our Customer Engineers to determine which drivers will best suit your customer’s needs.  The change on the website has already been implemented.

For general IT NIC applications we are recommending customers utilize the Intel branded Windows and Linux drivers.  Utilizing Intel’s drivers while maintaining our own allows us to leverage Intel’s expansive experience in the networking field resulting in highly reliable and stable drivers while simultaneously allowing us to maintain our ability to customize drivers for certain customers and applications.

As mentioned earlier, the combination of Intel and ATTO driver support allow us to take advantage of Intel’s wide support across many application and their industry-recognized stability and performance for their drivers.

Other Products Impacted

The significant performance improvements on reads developed during this release will be released to our ThunderLink products as well in a short period of time. ThunderLink users will reap the same benefits from this release as our FastFrame users.

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