Open-E launches JupiterDSS Software Defined Storage

Press Release - Open-E Launches Next Generation Software Defined Data Storage Software – Open-E JupiterDSS - 2014

Open-E Launches Next Generation Software Defined Data Storage Software – Open-E JupiterDSS


JupiterDSS ZFS and Linux-based storage software system ensures enterprise users highest data reliability and integrity with thin provisioning, compression, and de-duplication


Open-E, a leading developer of innovative data storage software used for building and managing centralized storage servers, announced today the general availability of its next generation flagship product, Open-E JupiterDSS (Data Storage Software).


Open-E JupiterDSS provides enterprise users the highest level of performance with unlimited capacity and volume size. Delivered through Open-E certified partners as an innovative software defined storage system, Open-E JupiterDSS comes complete with advanced features including thin provisioning, compression, and de-duplication.


“Our many thousands of global customers have been asking us to expand our capabilities to support larger and larger storage environments while maintaining our industry leading benchmarks of quality, reliability, performance, and price point," said Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president of Open-E. “Today I am very excited to announce an expansion of our product line to answer to that request, Open-E JupiterDSS. Through diligent work by our engineering team and listening to our customers and partners, we have created a software defined storage system that enables our customers to implement a unified SAN solution to their exact requirements.”


The software’s ZFS- and Linux-based storage operating system is designed to be sold and installed exclusively through partners with Open-E JupiterDSS training and certified hardware. This combination allows customers tremendous flexibility in choosing hardware components and the ability to confidently design a high performance storage system that best suits their business and application requirements. This robust software also comes standard with one year of software support.

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