Open-E: New Feature Pack with LSI syncro

Open-e's new Feature Pack will be working with LSI syncro cards providing a cost-effective solution for high-available Fibre Channel and iSCSI Storage . Using this Feature Pack the volumes will be active on both nodes at the same time, you will be able to create a high availability cluster with an Open-E Fiber Channel and iSCSI Failover and the Failover timeout will be nearly 0 seconds.


- The volumes are active on both nodes at the same time

- You only need half as many discs (but they have to be SAS)

- Failover Timeout is nearly 0

- iSCSI and Fibre Channel Failover available


- Not a Metro-Cluster (connection is via SAS, so the maximum distance between nodes is 15m; The data isn't synced at second location)

- Hypervisor has to support Multipath 

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LSI syncro cards are High-Availability , clustered RAID controllers which are bringing shared storage and storage controllers into DAS environments. They are platform independent and insulate data from server failures.


Please find attached a presentation and here is a link for more information about LSI syncro cards:

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