Presenting new EonNAS 3000 Gen2 with EonRescue

Dear partners,

EonNAS 3000 Gen2 rackmount systems for businesses and enterprises take everything that’s great about our successful EonNAS 3000 series and improve on it. One major addition is EonRescue, which turns USB drives into powerful system recovery tools.

EonRescue allows you to retrieve operating system settings and does more than just restore NAS: it conducts diagnostics to make sure everything is fully prepared for successful recovery then boots and recreates from USB. Simple but vital for minimal downtime!

EonNAS 3000 Gen2 systems are also compact, measuring 500mm in depth. This frees up valuable space, allowing better cooling and cable management with more storage for less volume. Products include 80 PLUS power supplies as standard, leading to greener operation and lower power bills. For scalability, go up to 256 drives in 3U and a massive 252 drives in 2U: with 6TB per disk supported.

Of course, EonNAS 3000 Gen2 products retain the winning features of their predecessors: unified architecture for file and block level in one, ZFS, Global Namespace, single or dual active-active controllers, unlimited snapshot and much more! 

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