Promise Technology Introduces New Program for Storage Subsystem

Promise Technology Inc. launched Promise Integrated Systems in the EMEA region, a program which assures customers they are getting well-matched systems and devices.

The program includes the company's VTrak and Vess storage subsystems sold through the EMEA channel.

Industry quality control standards
Promise works closely with drive vendors to monitor technology, product roadmaps and field quality to select new drives for all of the company's products. This enables the company to qualify drives for the Promise Integrated Systems program, which provide consistency and reliability that can't be matched by using drives on the open market. By purchasing a Promise Integrated System, customers do not have to worry about problems caused by incompatible HDDs impacting the operation of their business. Further the entire drive assembly is covered by technical support and warranty, which helps assure accurate fault diagnosis and minimizes unnecessary downtime and returns.

Benefits of Promise Integrated Systems include:

- Better quality - extremely low field return rates

- Drives selected to optimize performance, cost, availability and quality

- Assures accurate fault diagnosis and minimizes unnecessary downtime and returns

- Less uncertainty - avoid incompatible HDDs impacting the operation of your business

How is this achieved?
The drive vendor and model are selected, qualified, screened, and tested to ensure optimized performance and tuning with Promise's systems. Throughput screens, SMART checks, write/read validation, media scan and Power on Hours (POH) checks are all carried out along with system integrated tests to ensure a quality solutio is delivered. Integration services for VTrak and Vess systems are handled locally by Promise's EMEA office in the Netherlands. Promise Integrated Systems can be identified by the program logo placed on each drive carrier in the company's storage systems.

Promise Integrated VTrak and Vess Systems are available through the channel in the EMEA region.


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