QLogic Enables 16Gb FC Connectivity Across Fujitsu Enterprise Servers

QLogic Corp. announced that its FlexSuite16Gb Gen 5 FC adapters are shipping in Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers.

The addition of QLogic Gen 5 server adapters enables Fujitsu customers to deploy Gen 5 SANs in combination with Fujitsu ETERNUS Gen 5 FC disk storage systems, also powered by QLogic FlexSuite technology.

Continued collaboration between QLogic and Fujitsu demonstrates an ongoing commitment to satisfy enterprise server and storage requirements created by advanced computing platforms and performance-intensive enterprise applications.

Fujitsu Gen 5 FC adapters are designed to tackle high-bandwidth, I/O-intensive applications where reliability is critical. They also allow enterprises to improve price-performance, reduce power consumption-per-gigabit and support more VMs per server. Fujitsu Gen 5 FC solutions eliminate throughput bottlenecks from host to storage, giving users application performance and optimum I/O for computing environments. All QLogic Gen 5 FC solutions are backward-compatible with 8Gb and 4Gb FC networks, providing investment protection for existing FC SAN infrastructure.

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