QLogic FlexSuite 16Gb FC and FabricCache Adapters Are DataCore Ready

Providing interoperability with SANsymphony-V

QLogic Corporation. announced that its FlexSuite 2600 Series 16Gb Gen 5 FC adapters and FabricCache 10000 Series server-based caching adapters are certified as DataCore Ready, providing interoperability with SANsymphony-V storage virtualisation solutions from DataCore Software.

SANsymphony-V is a software-defined storage platform that solves difficult storage-related challenges raised by server and desktop virtualisation in data centres and cloud environments. The software improves application performance and response times, enhances data availability and protection to provide superior BC and maximises the utilisation of existing storage investments. QLogic FabricCache adapters and FlexSuite Gen 5 FC adapters, combined with SANsymphony-V, allow data centres to maximise their network infrastructure.

The DataCore Ready programme identifies solutions that are trusted to enhance SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor-based infrastructures. While DataCore solutions interoperate with common open and industry-standard products, those listed as DataCore Ready have completed additional verification testing to ensure a superior level of joint solution compatibility. Only third party products that meet the verification criteria set by DataCore are qualified as DataCore Ready.

QLogic Gen 5 FC delivers reliability, security and data availability
Gen 5 FC adapters are designed to tackle high bandwidth, I/O-intensive applications, such as virtualisation, streaming media, online transaction processing, backup and recovery, and data warehousing where reliability is critical. The underlying driver stack in Gen 5 FC technology is proven in more than 14 million ports shipped to enterprise data centres around the world.

The QLogic dual-port ASIC is designed with the company's multi-port traffic isolation feature for greater reliability and security on dual-port models. This architecture, with complete on-chip CPU and memory isolation across both ports of the adapter, ensures that if one port should encounter issues, the second, isolated port will continue to function securely and without interruption. With two independent channels, I/O imbalances, error recovery or firmware updates on one port do not impact the second port. This enables the adapter to offer secure, deterministically predictive and scalable port performance and increased reliability. This is essential for enterprise data centres assuring high level of availability for mission-critical applications.


QLogic FabricCache accelerates application performance and lowers TCO
FabricCache is a caching SAN adapter, providing enterprise-ready, performance application acceleration for SANs. By combining QLogic's FC adapter with PCIe flash cache, FabricCache delivers a simpler, more cost-efficient and sharable cache solution. It pools server-based caches across multiple servers, enabling the widest range of mission-critical, virtualised and clustered applications to benefit from flash caching performance acceleration. With QLogic's FC driver, which offloads caching functions from the server and integrates into existing SAN infrastructure, FabricCache also delivers ROI, while lowering overall TCO compared to current server-based caching products.

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