QStar Announces Software Support for LTO-6 Tape Drives and Libraries

announced the support for LTO-6 tape drives and libraries.

By using QStar Archive Manager software with LTO-6 based libraries users can design cost effective active archive solutions and take advantage of the LTO-6 increased native capacity (2.5TB per tape), faster throughput (160 MB/s native per drive) and backward write compatibility using LTO-5 media and read compatibility to LTO-4 and LTO-5 media.

QStar software virtualizes the tape library and presents the archive as a network share using industry standard CIFS or NFS protocols.  This allows users to easily search and retrieve all data from the archive.

read more : http://www.qstar.com/qstar-announces-software-support-for-lto-6-tape-drives-and-libraries/

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