Qualstar Announces End of Life for TLS-8000 and RLS-8000 Libraries

SIMI VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 7, 2012) - Qualstar Corporation (NASDAQ: QBAK), a manufacturer of data security and archive storage solutions and high efficiency power supplies under the N2Power brand, today announced that it has ended production of the TLS-8000 and RLS-8000 tape library families. Warranties, technical support and service programs are unaffected by this announcement. Both product lines have been superseded by the recently introduced RLS-8350 and RLS-8500 Expandable Tape Libraries. 

Using Qualstar's exclusive FastPass™ elevator assembly, the new RLS-8350 and RLS-8500 libraries are customer-expandable from 50 slots and three LTO 5 tape drives to over 470 slots, 1.4 Petabytes or over 53,000 hours of SD video, and 20 drives in a single 19" rack.

The RLS-8350 and RLS-8500 libraries also include built-in encryption key management to protect against data loss while tapes are in transit to external disaster protection sites or other remote locations. The user-specified keys unlock the powerful AES 256-bit encryption capability built into every LTO 5 tape drive.

RLS-8350 and RLS-8500 Expandable Tape Libraries are available exclusively through Qualstar's worldwide network of Authorized Resellers. Contact Qualstar, an Authorized Reseller or visit www.qualstar.com for more information.

About Qualstar Corporation
Qualstar, founded in 1984, is a diversified electronics manufacturer specializing in data storage and high efficiency power supplies under the N2Power brand. The company's products are known throughout the world for high quality and Simply Reliable designs that provide years of trouble-free service. More information is available at www.qualstar.com or www.n2power.com, or by phone at 805-583-7744.

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