Qualstar announces the XLS-88700 Library for BigData

The XLS-88700 LRM contains up to 705 tape storage slots and can house up to eight LTO 5 tape drives. The new LRM stores over 1 petabyte (native) of data and transfers more than 4.3 terabytes per hour using just 8.5 square feet of floor space. Typical data compression techniques can more than double both the capacity and data rate.

One or two 1,075 slot Memory Expansion Modules (MEM) can be added to each XLS-88700, a configuration that stores 4.3 petabytes in less than 26 square feet of valuable IT floor space. The new model can be intermixed with both new and installed XLS-820500, XLS-832700 and XLS-8161100 LRMs to deliver precisely tailored configurations to meet a broad range of end user capacity and performance requirements.

XLS is truly The Tape Library You Can’t OutgrowSM. LRMs and MEMs can be easily linked together to build configurations exceeding 11,700 tape slots, delivering over 17.7 petabytes (native) of storage. Leveraging Qualstar’s patented Compass Architecture™, any tape can be accessed in just 21 inches average horizontal robotics motion, yielding much higher reliability and lower power consumption than any tape or disk-based competitor. The XLS-88700 uses less than 500 watts of electricity to store and access 4.3 petabytes of data, which is less than 1/20th the power used by a similarly sized disk system.

All XLS Enterprise Tape Libraries are designed to accept LTO 6 tape drives when they become available.

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