Quantum Becoming Mellanox IB Partner

Quantum Corp. announced a partnership with Mellanox Technologies, Ltd,.

The two companies are working together to leverage the data sharing performance, scale and flexibility of Quantum's StorNext 5 platform.

As customers blend performance computing and general collaborative compute environments, the collection of digital data has become easier and faster, and files are increasing in size and volumes. Sharing and accessing that information for data-intensive analysis and distribution, as well as managing and preserving the assets for rapid retrieval and repurpose, have become an overwhelming task. Having re-architected StorNext 5 from the ground up to address this evolving dataflow, Quantum is collaborating with Mellanox to address the needs of customers in high-intensity environments that can benefit from high-bandwidth, low-latency topologies made possible with IB.

Quantum highlighted StorNext 5, along with its Lattus Object Storage and StorNext AEL6000 Archive, for performance computing environments at SC13 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

The StorNext 5 platform is designed to facilitate the managing of compute-intensive research data where performance sharing for analysis is required. It also serves as the engine for moving data from primary to cost-effective storage tiers. StorNext 5 delivers up to 10 times greater performance and five times the scalability of previous StorNext versions. In addition, it is architected to provide distributed teams with greater efficiency for handling large and small unstructured data files over cloud, NAS and/or SAN topologies, including IB.

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