Quantum DXi4700 Mid-Range De-Dupe Appliance With 4TB SED HDDs

Capacity range from 5TB to 135TB in single platform

Quantum Corp. announced the DXi4700 Series deduplication appliances, which deliver greater scalability and ease-ofuse with an industry-leading cost per terabyte.

quantum DXi4701

The first model in the series, the DXi4701, offers a usable capacity range from 5TB to 135TB and is the only deduplication appliance available today providing capacity-on-demand with 4TB high density disk drives.

The DXi4700 Series provides a pay as you grow deduplication solution, while offering security, performance and value features that make it a fit in the datacenter, hosted environments, and remote sites.

Efficient, Scalable and Easy-to-Use Extension for DXi4000 Series
Following the introduction of the DXi V4000 virtual deduplication appliance, the DXi4700 extends the DXi4000 Series' low-cost physical and virtual backup options and offers a number of distinct advantages over the competition:

-   Efficiency: It enables power and footprint savings, up to 42% lower power consumption and a 192% denser footprint than the leading competitive offering. This makes the DXi4700 a choice for MSPs and anyone concerned with energy costs and datacenter space.

-   Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability: It is the only deduplication appliance available with 4TB self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that scales in license-based increments of usable storage, thereby providing simple, predictable and easy-to-install storage capacity.

-   Ease-of-Use: Like other DXi-Series appliances, it features install wizards, graphical reporting and replication scheduling, as well as NAS to VTL presentations and 1GbE to 10GbE connectivity, enabling users to install, configure and upgrade the system within hours.

-   Industry-Leading Value: With the low cost per terabyte, it enables a quick return on investment, while providing up to 5TB per hour native performance. Like all DXi Series offerings, it also includes all software licenses in its base price: NAS, VTL, OST, deduplication, replication and DXi Accent software for distributed deduplication.

-   Enterprise Data Availability: It provides reliable recovery and access through data integrity checking, new hot spare capability and the ability to replicate off-site to multiple DXi appliances or Quantum's Q-Cloud.

-   Security: SEDs protect against breaches of data at rest without degrading performance, unlike software-based encryption which can suffer a 25-30% performance impact when enabled. Data is encrypted during replication using an AES-256 bit algorithm to remain secure in flight.

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