Quantum Lattus-D With CommVault Simpana 10

For converged backup and archive in data center

Quantum is extending its object storage offerings by joining with CommVault Systems, to provide a solution for converged backup and archive in the data center.

Based on Quantum' Lattus object storage technology and CommVault Simpana 10 software, the validated solution enables a data protection and archive strategy that reduces primary storage costs and optimizes backup performance while minimizing management complexity, administrative overhead and capital expenditures in multi-petabyte environments.

Combining Lattus and Simpana
Enable Converged Data Center

Lattus provides nearline access to archived data across global locations in a scalable and cost-effective disk-based solution that never requires a 'forklift' upgrade - a forever disk archive. It offers greater durability than traditional RAID offerings, including true self-healing and self-protection capabilities, and enables automatic multi-site protection without the need for replication. The result is a highly resilient, disaster tolerant, scalable archival repository that doesn't need to be backed up.

Simpana unifies backup, archive, reporting and DR on a single software platform, providing a converged data management solution to control cost and risk. With the combination of Lattus-D and Simpana, enterprises can now a single instance of archive data on Lattus and be confident that it is retained in a manner that can exceed the protection offered by traditional redundant copy data protection schemes. Customers can also benefit from low-latency access delivered on a global scale.

Cloud-Scale Lattus Implementation
Quantum also recently established the Lattus Demo Lab, located inside Switch's state of the art SUPERNAP data centers and available for use. With this announcement customers will now be able to leverage Lattus within the SUPERNAP data centers as a cloud-based component of their data protection strategy.


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