Quantum Service Renewal Registration Program (QRR) IMPORTANT!!

Quantum Corporation is modifying the structure through which reseller partners are compensated for renewing service agreements on Quantum equipment sold through its reseller partners.

The Quantum Service Renewal Registration Program will be implemented in June 2015.
The primary change in the structure is the institution of a registration process that provides the following benefits for reseller partners:
 The Quantum reseller partner that successfully registers a renewal opportunity carries an exclusive pricing advantage over competitors into the opportunity to close the business.
QRR discounts are awarded to only one reseller partner per identified deal.  
 The incumbent reseller partner is always considered the preferred registrant.
 Increased profit margins. Given that competition is reduced, the reseller partner with a registration has a better chance of closing the renewal at an improved price.
 Proactive sales support from Quantum’s local sales and technical representatives as an option to the reseller partner.
 Added visibility to regional sales activity.
Going forward, the discount given to a non-registered transaction is half. 
 These discounts constitute the total discount to the channel and replace all discounts previously extended to the channel.
 Both discounts apply to all service contract renewals that are completed for billing purposes.
 These discounts apply to all service offerings in the Quantum Price Book, including support for StorNext Software, StorNext Appliances, StorNext Storage and StorNext Pro Solutions.


Key Messages
The most important things to know about this program are:
 Reseller partners that register renewal transactions in advance of the renewal date will get preferred pricing concessions compared to those who do not register renewal opportunities.
 The program rewards incumbent reseller partners that stay on top of renewals.
 The discount given to a non-registered transaction is half.  
 The registered price will be shown in the “QDR” pricing column and the non-registered will be shown in the price column without the word “QDR” in the Quantum Price Book, Rev. 79 that will be published 08JUN15 effective 15JUN15..

 In addition to the advantage inherent in being the sole Quantum representative in a given transaction, the approved reseller partner has incremental Quantum sales support resources available to assist in competing against competitive solutions.

Registration Process
1. Identify a renewal opportunity for a qualified Quantum solution.
a. A qualified Quantum renewal solution is any service offering included in the Quantum Price Book.
b. Registration will be accepted between 210 days (7 months) and 60 days (2 months) prior to expiration.
2. Log into Quantum Alliance partner portal and select Renewal Registration.
a. Log into Quantum Alliance.
ii. EMEA:  https://alliance.quantum.com/emea/
b. On the home page, under “Sales Resources” menu, you will see a link for “Quantum Renewal Registration
(QRR). That link will take you to a page that gives more information about the QRR program.  
c. From the information page or anywhere (including the home page) you see a “Renewal Registration” button,
click the button to open the QRR form. Some fields will be automatically pre-filled.

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