RONVER introduces the X3-monitor : remote management for all... @25€/device/month

X3-monitorAgain we try to facilitate faster and better service to our partners and their clients. The X3-monitor will help us respond faster and more efficient to problems at your clients site.

Within minutes after your call we can log in and see what's the problem and start fixing it. Not only that but the X3-monitor (light-)agent is installed and activated* on all of our X3-line of solutions.

The X3-monitor comes in a light version and a full version.

This agent will communicate* with our central monitor server and report many factors to our monitoring specialists on a daily basis.

*with the client's written permission of course!

The full version will provide customized reports to all stakeholders : the CEO will receive a regular 'all-clear' dashboard, while the IT-manager will receive a full report with backup & update confirmations.

This helps us to provide an even better and pro-active service to you and your clients.

price : 25€ per month per managed server/item

full packages available at bundle prices of course so call us!

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