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The Storagedata D2D series is an affordable backup system designed for today`s enterprise backup environment that demand the highest performance. The Storagedata D2D series is delivered with features such as virtual tape library including replication, de-duplication, compression and tape functionalities.

The Storage D2D PROio is delivered including SLC SSD Cache which allows the D2D backup solution to deliver the highest inline de-duplication performances in its price segment.
Tape vs D2D
Tape has been the industries standard for many years, however as the business demands change a more flexible, reliable, available and scalable solution is required. The Storagedata D2D series offers all the possibilities of tape technology combined with the speed and reliability of a hard disk. The Storagedata D2D series is compatible with your current procedures and backup software such as Symantec`s Netbackup or Backup Exec, making for an easy integration in your IT environment.
Convenient safety

In the graphical user interface (GUI) of the Storagedata D2D series it is possible to configure a LTO1, LTO2, LTO3 or LTO4 tape for the desired capacity. Should an untimely recovery occur, your data will be recovered in a much more convenient and timely manner. There is no need to acquire the tape from a secondary location, neither will any time be lost looking for the right tape. Furthermore, any risk of damage, loss or theft of the tape is also completely negated.

Inline de-duplication

The Storagedata D2D series is capable of storing terabytes of data, the capacity is completely customizable to you companies desires, by using the expansion modules the total capacity can be upgraded up to 500TB. The main feature of the Storagedata D2D series is the possibility to use inline de-duplication. De-duplication simply means “un doubling” data, the Storagedata D2D series recognizes any data that appears multiple times on the server and saves it a single time. The Storagedata D2D series is the only system in its price range that offers in-line de-duplication. Inline means that the de-duplication process is applied directly while making the backup instead of post process, saving a tremendous amount of required storage capacity.


The Storagedata D2D series also offers a Copy2tape feature, which allows for the ability to synchronize your current tape library to the Storagedata D2D series. The Copy2tape feature will make a backup including the barcode to a physical tape, ensuring that the data is stored on two different locations.


All Storagedata systems are delivered with all the software features, no additional licensing costs apply.

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