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This product is End of Life

but we still have many spares if necessary

IT executives require significantly improved data storage infrastructure solutions for application and database archiving, e-mail, tiered storage, virtual tape libraries, and advanced data protection solutions. Addressing regulatory requirements, legal mandates, and improving disaster recovery along with much greater data storage power and volumetric efficiency have become critical success factors.

OEMs delivering solutions to meet these needs are also under pressure to address four key challenges: shorten time to market; reduce test, integration, warranty, and service costs; increase reliability; and bolster customer satisfaction. Xyratex RAID solutions reduce OEM development costs, feature enterprise-class RAID functionality including RAID 6 and Snapshot, ensure high availability, and they are highly reliable.

Enhance Applications with Storage: Xyratex F5412E

The F5412E combines Fibre Channel connectivity with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology for cost effective, high performance storage solutions. It combines high performance connectivity, sophisticated storage management software, flexible interface support, and highly reliable storage devices to deliver a cost-effective, ultra-high performance OEM solution with the scalability and functionality necessary to meet the demands of today as well as tomorrow’s rigorous applications environment. By leveraging the SAS full duplex, point-to-point architecture with dedicated connections, the F5412E delivers maximum data throughput, thereby providing faster, more responsive applications. In addition, the F5412E sustains maximum throughput (MB/s) for high bandwidth applications ranging from video editing to database-intensive online transaction processing.

Meanwhile, SATA-II drives in the F5412E provide the combination of high-capacity and cost-effective data storage normally found in nearline storage. Using SATA disks with their low cost-per-gigabyte design, the F5412E provides a cost-effective online repository for non-business-critical data, and offers the many advantages of tiered storage to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.

Managing Storage From a Single Pane of Glass

All models in the Xyratex 5000 RAID series come with Snapshot. Four snapshots are available to start implementing point-in-time recovery capabilities. An optional Snapshot upgrade allows for up to 24 snapshots per Logical Drive and up to 512 total snapshots per RAID system.

Xyratex’s StorView software configures and administers the F5412E storage system, and distinguishes it from other entry-level systems on the market today. Automated control of individual controller’s cache, arrays and devices via a web-based interface simplifies storage administration, while StorView’s full-function Command Line Interface (CLI) allows integration of array management into existing operational procedures. An optional upgrade to StorView Global Manager enables configuration, monitoring and management of any 5000 Series RAID controller from any location, anywhere on the network. The StorView software also enables access to the RAID Advanced Power Management which can be used to reduce the operational costs of the RAID storage system, while ensuring continuous availability to data.

* Single (2) or Dual (4) 4Gb/s high speed Fibre Channel host connections per system
* Mix up to 60 high performance SAS and cost effective SATA-II drives
* Snapshot support for up to 512 snaps
* StorView(TM) controller based management software
* Full RAID 6 and Snapshot support
* Dual active high availability and low cost single controller configurations
* Host based dynamic multi-pathing for high availability
* Online capacity growth through dynamic array and LUN expansion
* Redundant modular design with hot-swappable components
* RAID Advanced Power Management

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