Sanbolic Debuts SDS Solution for Heterogeneous and Geo-Distributed Data and Workloads

Sanbolic, Inc. announced the availability of a SDS solution that addresses the complexity and cost of managing growing and often geo-distributed data and workloads.

The company's patented software platform allows businesses to manage scale-out of converged and legacy storage architectures and weave server-side storage into their environment.

The host-based storage scale-out technology is enterprise-validated and in production at hundreds of government organizations and enterprises around the globe, addressing the need to tune storage performance, availability, and services to the needs of each workload.

Available for Windows, Linux, Xen, KVM, Hyper-V and integration with OpenStack, the company provides SRM at the compute layer that scales out and ensures SLAs based on the growing workload and data needs of global businesses.The solution offers storage-agnostic management, optimization and dynamic block and file scale-out across cloud storage vendors (EMC, NetApp, HDS, AWS), including commodity storage, to ensure the availability and responsiveness of enterprise data and applications as business needs grow and change.

Running in physical, virtual or cloud server instances to manage any data center environment at hyper-scale, The host-based storage controller drives storage aggregation and centralizes management.

Consolidating heterogeneous pool of legacy storage arrays
into torage abstraction layer, customers can:

- Access centralized services, including: Dynamic provisioning, QoS at all RAID levels; data tiering, read-and-write snapshots, cloning and WORM

- Achieve systems capability and scale-out on server-side and commodity storage using flash, SSD, HDD and legacy storage

- Create virtual active-active shared resources from existing external storage and server-side storage, flash arrays and JBOD storage into the storage pool

- Eliminate multiple points of management and increases storage efficiency

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