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A Data Protection Solution for Hyper-V deployments
Melio 2010 from Sanbolic, Inc. provides advanced data protection and backup capability to Hyper-V deployments that can be used in conjunction with commonly used backup software such as Symantec Backup Exec 12.5. Melio now offers distributed snapshots, mirroring, and policy-based file and snapshot migration to provide flexible data protection that can be managed at a very granular level across the entire storage environment.


Melio 2010 provides a unified storage platform for Hyper-V, physical servers, and virtual machines running Windows applications. When used in conjunction with industry standard SAN storage, Melio 2010 provides centralized provisioning and management of logical volumes and shared access to storage volumes for storage consolidation as well as application availability scale out. Melio 2010 now includes storage traffic shaping and quality of service management. The storage environment can be dynamically expanded, and software-based mirroring and snapshot capability provide flexible tools for data protection.

The advanced VSS-based distributed snapshot capability of Melio allows snapshots of the entire environment, or of individual files or virtual machines to be taken from any physical or virtual server in the storage cluster. No preparation prior to the snap, so users can snap instantly. Snapshots can be mounted by any node in the cluster as a mount point, USN or file share. The snapshot can then be automatically copied to secondary storage, or mounted by a backup application server.

Melio 2010's snapshots are self-contained within the file system, hence they are much more efficient in use of storage resources than typical snapshots, which require additional storage space for the snapshots.

"Sanbolic's backup solution greatly reduces the management cost of protecting Hyper-V environments," said Bo Thurmond, V.P. of North American Sales at Sanbolic. "It provides customers with flexibility and simple integration with their existing backup infrastructure."

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