Sony Fits 185TB on Tape

Magnetic tape might be waning compared to HDDs and SSDs, but that doesn't mean research on the format is dead-- not when Sony reveals "nano-grained" magnetic tape allowing storage capacities of up to 185TB per cartridge.

Sony tapeIn comparison, current tape storage reaches maximum recording capacities of 2.5TB.

A co-development with IBM, the tape is made via "sputter deposition," a vacuum thin film form technology allowing the formation of extremely fine crystal particles with a uniform orientation on a thin (5 micrometers) polymer film.

Further optimizing the process is a "soft magnetic underlayer with a smooth interface." The combination of technologies results in a tape with an areal recording density of approximately 74 times that of conventional storage tape, Sony says.

Apparently previous attempts at the sputter method brought about non-uniform crystal orientation-- preventing the dramatic increase in recording density.

Sony does not say when the technology will be commercialised, but needless to say such a high storage should prove attractive for big data and supercomputer applications.

Author: Anonymous

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