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Event: Storage Field Day 6 recap

StorMagic CEO, Hans O’Sullivan, and CTO, Chris Farey, presented at Storage Field Day 6 last month. This is a leading event for tech companies to showcase their solutions to a panel of industry experts. We heard lots of great feedback on our company and on our product, SvSAN. For a roundup of the event including delegate opinion and videos of the presentations read the full article.

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Blog: Cloud - do you know where your data is?

While the cloud is seen as a panacea for providing IT infrastructure due to the low entry cost and ease of access, it does however raise questions about data security and privacy. One major issue related to hosting services in the cloud, is that of data sovereignty. Sonny Bennett, Product Manager, investigates in our latest blog.


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White Paper: Protecting remote site data; SvSAN clustering failure scenarios

To ensure application availability infrastructure is clustered to eliminate single points of failure. To make clustering possible shared storage such as SvSAN is required. SvSAN can withstand a single infrastructure failure and in some scenarios multiple failures. This white paper describes the more common failure scenarios and explains the expected cluster behavior during the failure and subsequent recovery.


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Case Study: Affordable remote facility high availability for E.ON Climate & Renewables

High storage acquisition and management costs, complex solutions and a lack of flexibility are just a few of the challenges E.ON face trying to achieve high availability at their 100+ remote sites. These challenges are amplified substantially by the isolated nature of E.ON’s renewable facilities. Read the full case study to learn how they used a simple two server SvSAN solution to address these challenges.


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Opinion Piece: StorMagic: know thy customer

Arjan Timmerman, a delegate of Storage Field Day 6 and blogger on virtualization, cloud, storage and IT technology recently blogged about StorMagic SvSAN. The blog comprises a technology update, positioning, use cases and summary. Arjan states, “This is a company knowing they can do well in a certain field and they keep on improving”.


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Video: Virtual storage solution designed for the edge of the enterprise

Interview with StorMagic CEO, Hans O'Sullivan, at this year's IBM Edge in Las Vegas. Hans discusses the need to keep certain business critical applications at the remote site and how SvSAN can help cost-effectively ensure uptime of these applications in virtualized remote and branch office environments. 


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