StorMagic Webinar: 3 Steps To Efficient Branch Office Operations

Learn the 3 Essential Steps For Efficient Branch Office Operations

When: Nov 14th at 11:30 - 12:30 EST / 16:30 - 17:30 GMT

As your business operations acclimate to the needs of your customers, adoption of new/evolved technologies becomes increasingly essential to the improvement of your branch office operations. As a multi-site organization, you must continue to invest in streamlining your branch-office environments to improve efficiency, operational costs and production up-time. How do you do this well? 

These development efforts are unique and depend upon the requirements of your branch offices. In this webinar you will learn the 3 essential steps to achieve branch office efficiency in your organization in order to: 
   -   Simplify  your branch office environment 
   -   Ensure  your branch office uptime and self-sustainability, and 
   -   Improve  your branch office management 

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Who Should Attend? 
This educational webinar is aimed at both IT professionals and business decision makers whose organizations have tens, hundreds, or thousands of branch office locations. 

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As a thank you for registering for our webinar, we are pleased to share our informative whitepaper,   "Preventing Branch Office Downtime with VMware and Storage Virtual Appliances" 

   -  Steven Santini: Marketing Development Specialist at StorMagic 
   -  Mark Christie: Systems Engineer at StorMagic

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