Two Emulex Controllers Achieved Huawei Ready Certification

Emulex Corporation and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, an information and communication solution provider, announced that cards based on Emulex BladeEngine (BE)3 Ethernet and Emulex Engine XE201 converged fabric controllers have passed Huawei FusionSphere Cloud OS compatibility test and were granted Huawei Ready certification.

Cloud computing and big data have changed distribution of data traffic in traditional data centres, making data centres the new hotspot of data traffic distribution. At the same time, I/O cards carrying data traffic are more likely to become a bottleneck for data distribution. Emulex is focused on providing enterprise connectivity solutions for servers, network and storage devices in the data centre. Its products have been verified and tested in demanding IT environments. FusionSphere Cloud OS is designed to create an efficient and convenient cloud service platform; and Emulex I/O connectivity solutions are a good option for meeting its demanding I/O requirements.

The BE3 Ethernet controller combined hardware-based performance data path components and a standards-based embedded processor in a converging networking and storage I/O interconnection onto a unified Ethernet fabric, thus reducing CAPEX and OPEX. The XE201 provides both native Gen 5 (16Gb) FC and 10GbE connectivity and features a performance eight processor core architecture that enables converged architectures to support more VMs, larger database and cloud deployments, as well as the performance to match SSD arrays.

When commenting on this certification, Ren Zhipeng, Huawei president, cloud computing product line, said: "Huawei continuously invested in Cloud OS, and through open cooperation, created the most extensive industry ecosystem together with partners. The company has been partnering closely with Emulex for a long time. It is a significant achievement that this time, two controllers from Emulex passed Huawei Ready FusionSphere compatibility test successfully. It is expected that Huawei can partner with Emulex more closely, continuously providing customers with the highest-performing, open and compatible cloud computing products and solutions."

"Emulex provides industry-leading converged network connectivity products and state-of-the-art virtualisation technologies for the Huawei FusionSphere Cloud OS, that are designed to meet customer demands for high performance connectivity, reliable virtualisation and powerful resource pooling. The recent achievement of Huawei Ready certification will further deepen the cooperation between the two companies. Emulex will continue to partner with Huawei to help customers face new challenges and bring extremely competitive technologies, products and services to the market," said Jimmy Yam, VP of APAC sales, Emulex.

Designed to meet demands of enterprise data centres and cloud solutions, the BE3 Ethernet controller and XE201 converged fabric controller provides a range of functions and features to help enterprises meet cloud computing and big data challenges, including higher VM density, scalability and more efficient I/O management.

Huawei Cloud Computing is tasked with ICT convergence and transformation. As a strategic product, the FusionSphere Cloud OS was launched for customers from multiple industries, to help building a flexible cloud computing platform. At present, it is used by over 260 customers from 42 countries worldwide.

FusionSphere Cloud OS, designed and optimised for cloud, can provide powerful virtualisation functionality and resource pooling management, rich cloud service components and tools, as well as an open API, etc. It can transform the traditional data centre into a simplified standardised automatic and resilient cloud data centre, changing the IT supporting system of enterprises from the 'cost centre' to an engine driving continuous growth of the core business.

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