Want to know what tech makes ATTO the best? Watch this!

ATTO As you know, ATTO has several key selling features that help you address why to use ATTO

ATTO have now made very brief Videos about the features that are available on youtube for viewing.

1. Advanced Data Streaming
2. Cache Assure
3. Drive Assure
4. MultiPath Director

The video list will continue to grow over the next several months so stay tuned and we will let you know when we release the next video.

Below is the link to a YouTube Playlist so you can view the videos. If you click on each video, it will provide the URL so you can distribute them individually, or just direct customers to the Playlist.

All videos are also available on our website under the Features page and in the Resource Center under Videos/The ATTO Difference.


Author: Joël

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