WEBINAR: Wicked Fast Storage For Mac Workflows!

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Date:  July 10, 2013

Time:  1:00pm Eastern Time

Wicked Fast Storage for Mac Post Production

As you build solutions for HD, 3D, and 4K post-production workflows it’s important that you deliver on performance, interoperability and ease of use. Not all storage is created equal - it’s important to have the best - equipment that enables the creative process easily and consistently. What your customers need is a ‘Wicked Fast’ solution!

Join us to hear about a Mac solution that: allows shared access to video assets, improves rendering times, and eliminates dropped frames.

In this short workshop, we’ll introduce solutions based on reliable, lab-tested components that will improve editing workflows for Final Cut Pro, in an end-to-end Mac environment. At this year’s NAB show we demonstrated our lab tested solution for Mac Final Cut Pro using the ATTO ThunderLink, Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN storage, a Mac Pro workstation, and a Mac Mini metadata server.

In this webinar, you'll learn to:

Understand streaming throughput numbers for storage and how it applies to workflows.

Use of the ThunderLink to to bridge Thunderbolt and Fibre Channel.

Get file sharing using Apple's integrated Xsan technology.

Use a Mac Mini as a metadata server.

More about Dot Hill and ATTO programs.

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