What Does IBM's System X sale to Lenovo mean for the Storage Market - and what will it take to win?



Spring is nearly upon us at long last. Spring always brings changes, and this time not just to the weather! There's lots of changes going on in the storage market.

IBM's System x sale to Lenovo back in January turned some heads. Sanbolic's Executive Chairman Bill Stevenson examined what this may mean for the enterprise storage market in a series of thought-provoking blogs:

"So what does this mean for the enterprise storage market? Is storage the next to go down the path to commodity status? Probably. But not yet. The profitability characteristics of these markets are fundamentally different. (Read more...)"

The enterprise value of legacy array vendors declined last year, while the enterprise value of storage component and flash vendors increased substantially. So what will be required for flash appliances and software defined storage to move into core Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications? Here's our take on the  5 Must-Have Capabilities for Winning in the Enterprise Storage Market

This article is a must-read for any IT Administrator that wants complete control over all three tiers of their infrastructure: data, storage, and applications.

Finally, Sanbolic CEO Momchil "Memo" Michailov was recently interviewed for One Million by One Million blog's series, Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing:

"Our focus today is on bringing a software platform that delivers the scale-out and agility of what cloud providers use as a hyperscale infrastructure to the enterprises. There is a significant gap in the infrastructure development both in terms of where server architecture is and the virtualization layer available at the servers, and where networking virtualization is and where storage is." (Read full interview here.)

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