What's so fantastic about BRU?


You have chosen to resell our BRU solutions, and sometimes in competitive situations glossy material content serves as the basis for backup/archiving solution purchase decisions.  Buyer beware! 

The following “where the rubber meets the road” facts about BRU will help you position BRU’s capabilities when engaged in a competitive situation:

  • BRU is the only backup/archiving tool that can recover from an archive read error during a restore –bar none!
  • BRU's verification process does not need continued access to the original assets to verify the accuracy of the backup/archive – and the verification can even be done on a different system! Additionally, because BRU's data checksumming mechanism is part of the data stream that is written to the archival media, no separate database, spreadsheet, or manual processing of MD5 or SHA1 checksums is required to verify and audit BRU's archives.
  • BRU is small, elegant, and delivers low-overhead performance! The BRU I/O engine was ~270Kb in size in 1985 and it has been “bloated” to today’s size of ~400Kb - mainly because of increases in system code library sizes. 
  • We don’t know how fast BRU is.  We have achieved 2.2 Gb/sec, single stream in lab testing, and are still filesystem and hardware throughput constrained - meaning the bottleneck here is a system's ability to process data, not BRU!
  • In a test lab environment, BRU Server was able to manage 128 drives in a tape library configured with 5705 tape slots!  And, BRU Server automatically located and configured that environment automatically - no admin intervention was required.
  • LTO-6 is specified at 160MB/sec.  BRU’s native throughput to LTO-6 is 180MB/sec when writing already-compressed files such as video streams!
  • BRU single archive size limitation is 16 Exabytes!
  • The currently released version of BRU can restore data to today's systems from archives created in 1988 (BRU version 6.1)!
  • BRU’s archives are compatible across, and can be restored on, all supported OS’es such as: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, A/IX, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and many others!

What other backup/archiving tool can provide this level of deep functionality?

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