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Address Today’s High-Performance Computing Needs with ClusterStor 9000 and ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance Certification


Gone are the days when infrastructure architects for high performance computing (HPC) could treat the collection of servers, storage, networking, and file systems as a science project for experiments, frequent failures, adjustments, and course corrections. Lowest-cost commodity-hardware approaches to infrastructure design are no longer adequate. Time-to-productivity and time-to-value are increasingly important, and HPC professionals are embracing more turnkey solutions.

Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions offers ClusterStor solutions that are ideally suited to serve the ever-expanding HPC data storage marketplace and the emerging big data and cloud computing environments.

The ClusterStor 9000 is the industry’s fastest currently available Lustre® file system with I/O throughput up to the 10s-of-petabyte scale. Accelerating the pace of real-world applied innovation, it helps customers reliably plan, deploy, and sustain maximum optimal application performance, while also benefitting from reduced datacentre space, power, and administrative costs - up to 60 percent better than competitive solutions!

ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA), part of the established ClusterStor family of parallel file systems solutions, has received security certification, validating its design to satisfy US government Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503 policies and related (DCID 6/3 PL4) cross-domain solution requirements. ClusterStor SDA supports security capabilities to safeguard against internal and external threats throughout the data lifecycle.

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