Xyratex : Seagate Cloud Systems & Solutions Conference 5-7 nov 2014

Seagate Cloud Systems & Solutions Conference 2014


We are excited to invite all our EVault, Xyratex and Seagate customers and partners to the third annual conference now called the Seagate Cloud Systems & Solutions Conference, which will be held on 5-7 November 2014 in Amsterdam.

During the conference we will bring customers, partners, executives, sales, marketing and technical management together from multiple continents to hear Seagate’s presentations on the new Cloud Systems and Solutions division under the leadership of Jamie Lerner.

This will be an excellent opportunity to network with executive management and your peers in the industry. And last but not least, share your thoughts, listen to ours and help us build a successful new Seagate division and community.
For the detailed program and more dedicated information, please visit http://www.scssconference.com/

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