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The Xyratex OneStor AP-2584 Application Platform delivers a robust enterprise-class, ultra dense storage server building block for OEMs to integrate their unique software solution stack for deployment into virtual storage-server consolidation environments and cloud computing markets including big data analytics, digital media, compliance retention and data archival.  The AP-2584 Application Platform represents the ideal scale-out storage server architecture yielding balanced and consistently sustained OEM application performance that scales along with capacity increases.

The AP-2584 Application Platform includes single or dual embedded server module(s) offering server-level processing capabilities directly on-board and co-located with OEM developed scale-out storage applications, in a single ultra high density storage server platform.  The embedded server modules can deliver more scale-out processing where needed, or can be configured for high availability.  Xyratex provides multiple OneStor embedded sever module configurations to balance cost and performance.  

Robust System Management
OneStor AP-2584 includes Xyratex’ Unified Systems Management API (USM), providing a standard software interface for access to active sensors, management of server and enclosures services and automated policy based actions for enterprise level reliability, availability and serviceability. USM capabilities are available across the OneStor family of products allowing OEMs to design management and diagnostic systems that are universal across their product lines. This simplifies development and testing and enables OEMs to quickly bring new storage solutions to market. With USM, OEMs can build enterprise storage solutions that include persistent error logging, monitoring, and rich fault diagnosis and resolution capabilities. USM is embedded software tightly coupled to OneStor hardware high availability features such as dual redundant PSUs, N+1 cooling modules, dual I/O modules and dual data paths to all drives.

Generating Energy Efficiency Savings
OneStor AP-2584 minimizes environmental impact through advancements in Xyratex technology including: individual drive power control, advanced adaptive cooling technology and 92% efficient power conversion at 50% load. Additionally, OneStor is designed to meet or exceed stringent worldwide requirements for recycling and environmental friendliness.

  • Ideal storage-server architecture for OEM cloud-scale application performance
  • Single or Dual pluggable embedded server modules
  • Ultra dense storage capacity design providing over 2PB in single datacenter rack
  • Up to 84 SAS and SATA hard disk or solid state drives per 5U rack unit enclosure
  • Enterprise level reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Option for integrated power protection
  • Certified 80 PLUS Gold
  • Adaptive cooling technology
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